Jan Žalský

Jan Žalský

Jan Žalský is a web & Android developper, Google positive geek a technocrat. He currently lives with his girlfriend in Prague, where his work mainly revolves around the Nette Framework upon which all his web projects.
When not touring Web applications, studying diligently Android, playing with Arduino, tunes 3D printer RepRap . Is also interested in creating user interfaces. more »

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Pivní listy

Pivní listy Find out what beer you are drinking...
Applications for Android phones designed to search the beer database. Display (strenght, alcohol content, bitterness, color, composition, note, brewer) more than 500 Czech beers.


SmartMote Remote control your music...
App for Sony SmartWatch SW2 running on system Android. SmartMote is universal music remote control. It allows you to skip, pause, play music and change the volume.


Pomodoro Pomodoro is an applications for Google Chrome, designed for GTD technique by the same name.
After starting, Pomodoro displays a digital clock that gradually counts-down 25 minutes of "Pomodoro" and then starts the pause mode (5 minutes). The application uses audio and desktop notifications.


sarm-semily.cz Simple web page created on demand. Powered by Nette Framework.


ovdot.cz Simple website created to order. Powered by Zend Framework.

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"It's not that people use only 10% of their brains, it's that only 10% of people use their brains."

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This sci-fi movie follows Antonio Banderas and an android designed to bring support to society's plight, man and robot reveal what it means to co-exist in a ...

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